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Let's invest in children to build a better future

Together for the FUTURE of the country

Together for the RIGHTS of children

Since 2012, WALLAH WE CAN has been developing entrepreneurial and environmental solutions to address social issues related to childhood. We aimed, through 4 projects, to guarantee children 5 rights, recognised as fundamental: the right to health, the right to education, the right to self-accomplishment and the right to physical and legal protection.

WALLAH WE CAN subscribes to the objectives of the 1989 International Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that every child has the right to:

Health: healthy meals, drinking water, regular showers, medical consultations, and sanitary protection for girls.
Young girl from wallah we can smiling
Education: school support via e-learning solutions as well as financial support for pupils at risk of dropping out of school.
little girl writing on paper
child protection by wallah we can staff
Physical and legal protection: prevention workshops against all forms of violence, provision of experts for child victims (psychologists, lawyers).
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Self-accomplishment: Ensuring educational, ludic and pedagogical experiences. This is achieved in clubs run by young graduates from the area.

Stopping humanitarianism and investing in people!

Lotfi Hamadi, Founder of Wallah We Can

WALLAH WE CAN initiates projects based on economic, sustainable and ecological solutions. Thus, each of the deploys WALLAH WE CAN projects is a real social enterprise, aiming to ensure a true beneficial impact for children.

4 WALLAH WE CAN projects

Find out about the initiatives intended to finance our projects

mother and son wearing grey t-shirts from wallah we can collection

Discover our collection of Wallah We Can T-shirts for Children at the Maped Store.

musical project to support children's rights

A musical project in collaboration with rappers and musicians to promote children’s rights.

grid photo of wallah we can events for children

Organisation of major events in favour of our projects for children.


beneficiaries in Makhtar since 2012
kits of washable sanitary pads distributed
trees planted in the schoolyard
hectares of land farmed
tons of fruit and vegetables harvested
free meals/year, starting January 2023
photovoltaic modules installed
solar water heaters installed
well drilled
cinema built
omni sports field built
extracurricular clubs created

Let's fight together so that every country
becomes a country of children's rights

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For WALLAH WE CAN, transparency and good governance are not just slogans, they are values!

Those committed to

Those committed are fighting for a better future for the country.

Those committed do not worry about daily ups and downs and focus on long-term actions instead.

Those committed chose to be accountable to future generations, not to worry about daily ups and downs and focus on long-term actions and projects instead, as they’re fighting for a better future

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