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Wallah We Care

Story of Wallah We Care

According to the Tunisian Constitution dignity, health, care, education, and instruction are guaranteed rights to a child by his father, his mother, and by the State’. In Tunisia’s post-revolution era, it also became the duty of the civil society, in particular, and of all the citizens, in general, to create a synergy with the State and the private sector, to help protect all the children whether they are sick or healthy, from ignorance, illnesses, and violence.

Following the pandemic that began in 2019 affecting thousands of children, we decided to launch the “Nafssouna” action, which later became a durable project named Wallah We Care.  We managed to mobilize our troops and created a software that identified hospitals’ needs for specific hospital equipment and IPEs as well as the needs of neonatologies and pediatric and rea-pediatric services.  When we gathered the data, we contacted international organizations and donors, to achieve our goals.

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Why support Wallah We Care

According to a recent study on the impact of COVID-19, on children in monetary poor households, conducted by the MSA and UNICEF, the number of poor children is likely to increase from 688,000 before the pandemic to approximately 900,000 after the pandemic. Following the spread of the Delta and Omicron variants that affected children, we responded by launching the Wallah We Care project to help protect them. We mobilized our teams and created a software that identified the hospitals’ needs for specific medical equipment and IPEs as well as the needs of neonatologies and pediatric and rea-pediatric services to protect children from any future harm.

With the appearance of new viruses such as the Monkeypox, whose short and long-term effects are still unknown to the medical community. Wallah We Care will play an important role in protecting children through the support of local and international partners and individuals.

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Before the pandemic
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After the pandemic


  1. Equipment for Monji Slim Hospital
  2. Reception of a container of medical equipment from the U.S. on behalf of Syrian American Medical Society “SAMS” and another container from Canada on behalf of Collaboration Santé Internationale
  3. Creation of “Nafsouna” software
  4. Donation of a fire truck
  5. Donation of a first aid kit
  6. Mobile hospital
  7. Minibus for Children

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Wallah We Care team

Photo de coordinatrice du projet Wallah We Care
Imen Jabeur

Project coordinator

Youssef Boukraa equipe wallah we care
Youssef Boukraa
Photo du coordinateur du project Wallah We Care
Amir Ayadi

Project coordinator

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