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About us

Who are we?

Wallah We Can, which means “Yes we can” in Tunisian dialect, is an apolitical, non-religious Tunisian association, working to support children and youth in Tunisia. 

Wallah We Can, operating since 2012, has multiplied its projects and actions in the fields of education, health and energy autonomy in schools.

Team wallah we care holding the tunisian flag recieving donations

Our story

In 2012, Lotfi Hamadi discovered the disastrous state of the Makthar public dormitory in the governorate of Siliana: a school in catastrophic conditions, that did not provide any physical or pedagogical comfort for its pupils. The existence of such institutional violence against children made it clear that Tunisia’s deterred development, stems from its incapacity to support children in their own development.

Hence the need to develop solutions to secure children a better living and studying environment, based on a sustainable project.  Based on such considerations, the Greenschool concept was born, aiming to transform public schools into social and solidarity-based enterprises.


Investing in children, through education, for the development of the country




Support today’s children who will be the citizens of tomorrow

Our commitment towards the children on the ground

The Makthar dormitory, with 570 students, is the school where Wallah We Can has been developing different solutions since 2012. This project, which is being experimented locally, is meant to be extended to regional and national scales.

Our values

a hexagone containing wallah we can values: integrity, tranparency, innovation, engagement, resilience,leadership

Our goals

Guarantee children’s right to health, education, physical and legal protection, and fulfillment through our sustainable projects:

Wallah We Can worldwide

Map of Wallah We Can branches in the world

Our organizational chart

organizational chart of the association Wallah We Can

Our team

Lotfi Hamadi president of wallah we can sitting on a chair in a classroom
Lotfi Hamadi


Coordinatrice des projets
Abrar Nhouchi

GreenSchool Project Coordinator

responsable communication
Baya Jlassi

Communication officer

Lead agronome du projet Green School Takwa Tej
Takwa Tej

Agronomist consultant

Hela Habbessi de l'équipe agronomes Green School
Hela Habbessi


Rahma Mansouri de l'équipe agronomes Green School
Rahma Mansouri


Dhouha ouerfelli de l'équipe agronomes Green School
Dhouha ouerfelli


lead nutritionniste
Lina Jebali

Lead nutritionist

photo du nutritionniste Arij Khemiri
Arij Khemiri


photo du nutritionniste Ameni Beldi
Améni Beldi


portrait du Mariem Jendoubi nutritionniste
Mariem Jandoubi


Photo de coordinatrice du projet Wallah We Care
Imen Jabeur

Wallah We Care project Coordinator

Photo du coordinateur du project Wallah We Care
Amir Ayadi

In charge of suppliers

Youssef Boukraa member of wallah we care project
Youssef Boukraa

Stocks and logistics

Imen Majed Ecolibree project coordinator
Imen Majed

Ecolibree project coordinator

Nesrine Morjane member of ecolibree team
Nesrine Morjane

Content creator Ecolibree

Saja Najar team member of Ecolibree project
Saja Najar

Content creator Ecolibree

a twelve year old boy reading a book wearing Wallah We Can T-shirt


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