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Turning schools into social enterprises

In order to guarantee decent living and studying conditions for the students, Wallah We Can developed a model, at a boarding school in Makthar, Governorate of Siliana, which ensures energy independence and food self-sufficiency. These two factors generate profit, which is reinvested in educational and recreational infrastructures.

This sustainable and ecological project also allows offering some students’ parents employment in the fields that produce fruit and vegetables to the school canteen. Our Greenschool operates according to the following pattern: a social, ecological and solidarity-based enterprise, which implements a virtuous cycle benefiting the whole family.

Wallah We Can supports schools implementing a project-based pedagogy resting on 4 areas: health, education, food and energy. These schools can apply for certification / a labelling system to promote their approach and become a Greenschool in turn.

The 4 required areas to become a GreenSchool

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One can contribute to general well-being and health in a school by many ways. Among the activities to implement in the context of this certification :

• Telemedecine

• Training and awareness workshops on reproductive health through the Ecolibree project

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Among the activities to implement in the context of this certification:

Providing students an e-learning platform for more academic support

Initiating school club activities (sports, entrepreneurship, data processing, etc). See WWC clubs

Staff support workshops



A varied and balanced diet, with the required nutritional intake is an essential health factor. This observation had resulted in implementing the Kid’Chen project and the cultivation of 8 hectares of land to ensure food self-sufficiency of the Makthar boarding school.    

Support for developing school kitchens

Support for capacity building of school kitchen staff

Design of balanced menus to meet students’ needs view menus



It is important in a school to identify and remedy the weaknesses in order to save energy. Among the activities to implement in the context of this certification:

Ensure compliance of the electrical installation, thermal isolation of buildings, and waterproof sealing of roofs. 

Limit waste disposal, and have a composter.

Assist the school in achieving energy indepndence (solar panels, wells, etc).

For more information on GreenSchool

Curious to know the state of Makther boarding middle school before our intervention? check these pictures

Some photos of our activities at Makthar boarding middle school

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Join us

Together, we can reduce school dropout by giving students better studying conditions and a future. Thanks to your support, we can provide better education, better health and better child protection while fulfilling United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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Join us

With your support, we can guarantee a better education for children

Team GreenSchool

Coordinatrice des projets
Abrar Nhouchi

GreenSchool coordinator

Lead agronome du projet Green School Takwa Tej
Takwa Tej

Lead agronomist

responsable Kid'chen
Jamil Ben ayed

Kid'chen manager

Hela Habbessi de l'équipe agronomes Green School
Hela Habbessi


Rahma Mansouri de l'équipe agronomes Green School
Rahma Mansouri


dhouha ouerfali memeber of Green school project
Dhouha ouerfelli


lead nutritionniste
Lina Jebali

Lead nutritionist

photo du nutritionniste Arij Khemiri
Arij Khemiri


photo du nutritionniste Ameni Beldi
Améni Beldi


Mariem Jandoubi member in Green school project
Mariam Jandoubi



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