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Wallah We Can is a citizen initiative developing sustainable projects that have a direct impact on the living and learning environment of children, with support from businesses and individuals.

Your donation makes a difference!!

Turn your support into concrete actions by taking part today in Wallah We Can’s projects.

Wallah We Can has adopted a code of conduct as a framework for the management of donations and to ensure transparency towards the donor. For more information, contact us.

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Donate through a bank transfer

To donate to Wallah We Can, use the information below:

Bank details for the association Wallah We Can:

Branch: Agence MARSA SAFSAF (K9)

Telephone: +216 27 068 084

RIB: 08 055 0200920020517 04

IBAN: TN59 0805 5020 0920 0205 1704


Currency: TND

Name/Company Name: Association Wallah We Can

Address: Rue Abdelhafidh EL MEKKI 2070 LA MARSA

If you would like to have a receipt, write to us at finances@wallahwecan.org


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