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Green school

Transforming Schools!

Green school supports schools in developing a project pedagogy around sustainable development through 4 themes  adapted to the schools context.

Green School helps schools structure their project and gives a common thread to their actions.  Every year, schools enrolled in the Green school program can apply for a certification/label to enhance their sustainable development approach and thus become a Greenschool.


GreenSchool works around 4 themes. The school will be accompanied by one or more of these themes throughout the school year to carry out its ecological transformation.

a doctor and a red cross symbol


In schools, there are many ways to act for the well-being and health of all. Among the activities to put in place in the context of the certification

• Telemedicine via remote consultations.

• Reproductive health training and awareness workshops, via the Ecolibree project

student doing a presentation show


Among the activities to be put in place in the context of this certification:

• Establishment of an e-learning platform available to pupils for extra support.

•Setting up clubs within the school (sports, entrepreneurship, IT, etc.) consult WWC Clubs

• Training of educational staff in pedagogical principles.

a bowl of salad and a bottle of water


A varied and balanced meals, rich in nutritional value is a factor of health. Based on this idea Kid’Chen was born, which consists of the cultivation of 8 hectares of land to ensure the food sufficiency of the boarding school.  

• Assistance in the development of school kitchens

• Capacity building for school kitchen staff

• Create balanced menus to meet the students’ needs.

illustration of a solar panel and a renewable wind energy fan


Grey energy is estimated to account for two-thirds of the total energy consumption of a product.  Therefore it’s important to identify how to save on grey energy. Among the activities to be put in place in the context of this certification: 

• limiting waste, limiting litter generation, repairing/reusing objects, reducing the frequency of renewal of electronic devices, etc.

•Support the school in its efforts towards energy autonomy.

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Our activities in Makthar boarding school

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Together we can put an end to the school dropout phenomena and secure the future of children.

With your support, we are able to ensure better education, health, and protection of children while meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.
brown-haired boy from wallah we can children smiling

Join us

With your support, we can guarantee a better education for children

Team Green School

Coordinatrice des projets
Abrar Nhouchi

Green School coordinator

Lead agronome du projet Green School Takwa Tej
Takwa Tej

Lead agronomist

Hela Habbessi de l'équipe agronomes Green School
Hela Habbessi


Rahma Mansouri de l'équipe agronomes Green School
Rahma Mansouri


dhouha ouerfali memeber of Green school project
Dhouha ouerfelli


lead nutritionniste
Lina Jebali

Lead nutritionist

photo du nutritionniste Arij Khemiri
Arij Khemiri


photo du nutritionniste Ameni Beldi
Améni Beldi


Mariem Jandoubi member in Green school project
Arij Khemiri




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